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What's Mobile Apps Club?

Mobile Apps Club is the First community for Mobile driven people, dedicated to professionals who work and love Mobile Apps. A space to share & learn tips, tricks, hacks, and best practices to design, develop, manage and grow your Mobile App.

This is a space where professionals, makers, developers, designers, mobile product managers, or anyone who shares love & interest in Mobile Apps can share their challenges, discuss and learn best practices about the mobile world, from no-code to any technology, framework, or operating system.

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Q: How much do I pay?
A: Nothing, it's totally FREE. Nothing asked in exchange.
Q: So if it's free what's the purpose of it?
A: Fair enough. The objective is the bring like-minded people who work, love, and deal with mobile apps (on a daily basis) to share best practices, challenges and create a space for mobile professionals.
Q: Ok, but who created this, and what's the legitimacy?
A: Good question. Mobile Apps Club was created by Tiago Valente in 2020. Tiago he's a Product-driven guy with a passion for Mobile Apps, having created multiple award-winning mobile apps during his career.
Q: What's the platform?
A: Telegram.
Q: Who are the target people/profiles?
A: We have Mobile Product Managers, Product Designers, iOS/Android developers, No Code App makers, security engineers, Super App product managers, and Founders. You are missing, so join us!
Q: What are the nationalities?
A: We have multiple countries represented such as the US, UK, Canada, India, Portugal, Russia, Germany, and many more.
Q: What's the official language spoken?
A: English.
How can I join?
*A: Simple, just click here

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